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Where Geek Meets Goth

Two self-confessed goths and students of improv invite you in for discussions over a wide variety of random subjects from geek culture to the occult and beyond. Each week hear a new song lifted from the dark alternative underground. Experience also movie commentaries, music specials, special guest appearances, contributor specials, and roving reports from places like Park City or Salt Lake City Comic Con. Hear also reviews of movies, books, plays, musicals, and video games. The InsideOutcast is the one podcast to experience everything under the sun and moon.

Download The InsideOutcast 135 OSTARA 06-04-2012 (87.52 MB)

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The InsideOutcast 135 OSTARA

  • The InsideOutcast 135 OSTARA
  • This week we prove how blasphemous we can be with a show about Easter. We also review The Hunger Games, Kung Fu Panda 2, and Rango. We also discuss the TV shows Castle and Bones. Dave tells of purging his twitter follows while Brandi says goodbye to Mass Effect.

    The Dark Track of the Week is Vita Nova by VK Lynne of The Spider Accomplice and The List Music Podcast. 


    Keywords: geek, goth, Easter, Ostara, paganism, holidays, spring festival, resurrection, persephone, fertility