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Where Geek Meets Goth

He's rational. She's an idealist. He likes interpretive fiction and challenging cinema. She enjoys cheesy 80s sci-fi and reads romance novels. He's into goth, industrial, and post-punk. She grooves to metal and post hardcore. He's a Ravens fan. She cheers on the Steelers. Yet together they produce a show that is best described as the podcast Where Geek Meets Goth, a show featuring news, reviews, random topic discussions, inane banter, and a Dark Track of the Week. Send voicemail to (801) 675-8707.

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The InsideOutcast 138 BAMF

  • The InsideOutcast 138 BAMF
  • This is the week of Dave's Birthday and what better way to celbrate than with his favorite superhero, Nightcrawler. We follow his creation, his adventures in various comics, and his appearance in film and TV. Dave continues his horror kick with Tokyo Gore Police and The Burning. Brandi enjoys Jem and How I Met Your Mother. Finally, Dave reviews yet another podcast, the comic book oriented show, Geektress.

    The Dark Track of the Week is Lunatic by PaperBats from Monsters


    Keywords: geek, goth, x men, Nightcrawler, Kurt Wagner, teleportation, BAMF, Excalibur, Dave Cockrum, comic books