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JMS boards the Babble On Project Featured

Written by  Matt Dillon
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The Babble On Project

The Great Maker is coming to The Babble On Project - and Matt and Gillian would like YOUR questions!

Babylon 5 Creator J Michael StraczynskiOn the 25th of February 2011, GeekPlanetOnline Publisher Matt Dillon and Sub-Editor Gillian Coyle launched The Babble On Project, an orchestrated rewatch of sci-fi saga Babylon 5 designed to appeal to both newcomers and established fans alike. It was a labour of love for both of them: a chance to share their enjoyment and enduring love for this fantastic series with a whole new audience of people. As their season one finale episode approached, they decided that something special was in order. Well, you don't get much more special than this!

On Thursday 14th July 2011, Matt and Gillian will be privileged to sit down with Babylon 5 creator, writer and producer JM Straczynski for an interview discussing all five years of the show (yes, sorry newbies - this one's going Down Below!) as well as his career outside of the show - his work in movies, comics and, of course, television. This is an unprecedented opportunity for the GeekPlanetOnline community, and as such we think that everybody should share in it - which is why Matt and Gillian would like YOUR questions to put to the man himself.

You can post your questions in this thread in the GeekPlanetOnline forums, or email them to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Deadline for submission is midnight on Wednesday 13th July*, so get scribbling! Naturally we'd like a few questions about Babylon 5, but feel free to ask about JMS' entire career: if you take a look at his IMDb page you'll probably be astounded at how much of your entertainment the Great Maker has been involved with...!

*As opposed to The Firing Line. *snicker*

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Matt Dillon

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