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GeekPlanetOnline: The Fascination Nation! is an online community dedicated to just one thing: the positivity of Fandom. It's not just about enjoying our content, it's about throwing yourself in head-first, and there are a variety of ways that this can be done. If you'd like to join a growing geek community, here's how!

Sign up for a free account
Even if you don't intent to make full use of our facilities, we'd love you to sign up for a free account. We don't bombard you with spam, and we very rarely send out mail-shots (there were only three sent in 2009, in fact, and one of those was a mistake!), and we never pass your details on to anyone else. EVER. Signing up, however, helps us to learn what kind of people are enjoying our site and what they like to look at, helping us to give you more of what you like and less of what you don't.

Fill in your profile page
Every user account comes with a profile page which displays as much or as little about you as you'd care to share. If you run a website or write a blog of your own, you can add links to this so the other users can visit. It also helps you to appear as more than just a random face from the internet, and strengthens those community ties. Your profile is linked to every comment that you post on the main site and every article that you write too, so your fellow users (and fans!) can use this to look at anything you've done at GeekPlanetOnline.

Comment on content
Every item of content posted at can be rated and commented on, so why not do so? This is a direct dialogue not only with the other members of the community, but also the people who produced the content in the first place. Loved something? Say so. Hated it? Tell us why! It's always great to get feedback, and we'll always use it to improve the site.

Use the Forum
The GeekPlanet Forum is a great place to speak you mind, whether it's directly related to the site or not. Our users are polite, welcoming and friendly, and those that are not are swiftly deal with: in other words, it's a really relaxed place to be, and geeking out isn't only acceptable, it's encouraged!

Write an article
We love our written content here at GeekPlanet, so why not add to it? We're proud to publish any of our users' reviews, essays or short stories, and we have an experienced proof-reader and editor happy to guide your work if you've not done anything like this before. No experience is necessary, so what are you waiting for? Send us your work! We'd love to put it out there.

Make a Podcast
With nine unique and original series and counting, we're becoming a bit of a dab hand at this ol' Podcasting luck. Whether you're a new or established Podcaster, we'd be happy to host, promote and publish your show. Oh, and did we mention that you retain full control and copyright over your work? And if you need help setting things up, we're more than happy to lend a hand.

Send us video content
As well as Podcasts, we're also happy to host any other media, including video. If you want a home for your new online show, cartoon or film project, we'd love to oblige.

Draw a cartoon
Yeah, we know we've already got two webcomics. Doesn't mean we can't have more! If you fancy yourself as the next Mike Krahulik or Scott Ramsoomair get in contact, and we'll make GeekPlanetOnline your home.

Do something we havent't thought of!
We want to be the home of geekdom online, and this doesn't leave any room for imposing limitations! So, if you've decided to recreated the entire Matrix trilogy in stop-motion animated Play Doh, we want in! You have an idea for a sponsored charity drive based around eating nothing but Star Trek-themed foods for a year, let us know! Want someone to release that Twilight-inspired Bavarian pop concept album you've been working on? Cushty, drop us a line! We'll get involved with anything and everything... all you have to do is ask.

How do I get started?
As a meercat once said, simples (tchhhh!)! If you want to sign up for an account, simply use the link found on the home page, or click here. If you'd like to produce content for us, send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and tell us what you'd like to do. We make time for everyone, so don't worry -- a personal reply is guaranteed.
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