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TOPIC: Episode Synopsises

Episode Synopsises 1 year, 1 month ago #11143

Following on from last weeks episode of the Babble on Podcast I've decided to start writing episode synosises. Though they will contain spoilery information on occassion, I will only write them for episodes that have already been reviewed in the podcast.

Archaeologist Shō Fukamachi arrives on the station with an alien relic. When he unleashes it's power and becomes a really bad Guyver rip off, can an Angry Sinclair talk him down? Will Ridley Scott blush when he hears Rutger Hauer's speech from the end of Blade Runner ripped off shamelessly? Find out the answers to these questions and more in the next episode of Babylon 5.

African Doctor Manhattan comes to the station, but Checkov from Star fleet command arrives to save the day along with a really bad actress. Meanwhile Catherine Sakai finds a weird giant blue ring with some weird funky stuff popping out of the centre, then Gkar talks about ants. All this and more on the next exciting episode of Babylon 5

Dr Franklin acts like a douche when a family of space Mormons arrives on the station with their dying son. Kosh offers the solution to their prayers but due to a glitch in his encounter suit's translator, his response is mistaken for gibberish.

Budget Bruce Willis AKA Michael Garibaldi goes on the run when he is accused of sabotage. Aided by a magic hat, he plays a game of cat and mouse in a bid to clear his name.

The mystery of who or what destroyed the previous four Babylon stations is finally revealed, but there is another threat to the station as a hentai tentacle monster hooks up with the mob.

Garibaldi is told to watch his back in the worst piece of foreshadowing to ever grace a TV show. Meanwhile the Muay Thai fighting tournament from Thailand is recreated on the station by a bunch of generic men in rubber costumes.
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Re: Episode Synopsises 1 year ago #11148

The Long Night
:pinch: Warning: Spoiler!

Into the fire
:pinch: Warning: Spoiler!
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Re: Episode Synopsises 1 year ago #11149

Midnight on the firing line
Londo proves how inept his government's own military is by failing to use the zoom function to find out who attacked one of their colonies. Meanwhile Delenn who has just undergone sex corrective surgery, visits Garibaldi's quarters so that he can show her his 2nd favourite thing in the universe.

Soul hunter When a mysterious alien is brought onto the station, Delenn goes a bit mental and yells out Shag Toth! This confuses everyone as there is nobody around called Toth whom they can shag. Later it turns out the alien has a fetish for people who are dying and traps them in marbles whilst playing with his wizard stick

Re: Episode Synopsises 1 year ago #11150

Born to the purple.
He may have three wives but Londo needs more poon. When the randy ambassador hooks up with a dancer from a strip club, she snags his porn collection of the royal family taken with hidden cameras. Sinclair comes to the rescue but will the station's underworld crime network see through his cunning disguise?
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Re: Episode Synopsises 11 months, 2 weeks ago #11169

:pinch: Warning: Spoiler!

The illusion of truth
As Zack's porno struggles to get off the ground he hires a film crew to speed up the process, but when they're more interested in shooting a kinky movie about cyber fetishes and unconscious patients in medlab Zack must decide whether to pull the plug on his pet project.

Re: Episode Synopsises 10 months, 2 weeks ago #11194

With the help of no pubes Lennier, Zack recruits a group of Minbari pornstars. But when Zack feels a big prick he realises that there may be more to these ladies than meets the eye. Meanwhile Marcus refunds two first class tickets to mars so that he can invest in the production and as a result he and Franklin have to travel to Mars \ on the crumbiest transport he can find. Also Delenn discovers just how close she came to Boning her great great great great grandad (Minbari have very long lifespans).

Racing Mars.
When Ivanova's Opium poppy plantation is accidentally destroyed she carries out the fastest coup in history. Her first act as the new Captain is to take over several drug cartels. Meanwhile Marcus and Franklin elope on Mars.

Re: Episode Synopsises 10 months ago #11218

Lines of communication - Delenn murders a group of homeless war refugees after they make an offer to help her stabalise her home-world meanwhile a mad Frenchman bombs Franklin's hotel due to a Croissant shortage. Franklin then hooks up with the leader of the resistance for some nookie whilst Marcus sits outside polishing his staff.
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Re: Episode Synopsises 10 months ago #11220

White_Phoenix wrote:
Lines of communication - Delenn murders a group of homeless war refugees after they make an offer to help her stabalise her home-world.

Ouch White_Phoenix

totaly true but Ouch

Re: Episode Synopsises 9 months, 3 weeks ago #11231

Conflicts of interest- Garibaldi is shocked to learn that G'Kar has stolen his magic hat of invisibility. He is then stripped of his gun by Zack and forgets about the Smith and Wesson gun that he had in Grey 17 is missing. The upshot of all this is that it means the A plot of that episode is no longer canon. Meanwhile Sheridan embarks on a plan to use the Whitestar fleet to gun down war refugees.
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