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TOPIC: bOrgCast 8.8- Destiny and Prophet Motive

bOrgCast 8.8- Destiny and Prophet Motive 1 year 2 months ago #12946

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Cardassians and Ferengi galore, but are the stories any cop?
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Religion is a bit like knitting; basically good but responsible for some very bad things.
Milton Jones

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bOrgCast 8.8- Destiny and Prophet Motive 1 year 2 months ago #12947

"Destiny" or "prophecy is an issue when you have real time traveling aliens as Prophets." or "O'Brien the Cardassian love god"

The episode's story structure is quite effective. As the narrative unfolds, every act culminates with some sort of unexpected surprise that makes the prophecy seem that much closer to coming true. Just when it appears Sisko is clear from any more problems, something comes up just in time to send us into what would be a commercial break.

the heart of "Destiny." is a crossing of Kira's faith and her duty. How can she just ignore something she has believed her entire life? Kira reveals to Sisko her ongoing difficulty to see him as simply her commanding officer and not the religious icon he has become in Bajoran lore. exploreing *finally*, what Sisko's Messianic status means for Kira. Frankly, I can't think of a single incident in the first two and a half seasons which suggested that Kira did regard Sisko with awe at all, even if she, as she claims here, kept it locked down in work mode.

At the same time, Sisko is put in the difficult position of being part of the prophecy. He's never been comfortable with the label of Emissary, and this episode is really the first to deeply look at how Sisko feels about it.

In the constant tension between science and faith that is always being explored in DS9 (and later BSG), this is the episode that got the balance exactly right- it could have been science, could have been a prophecy. Two sides of the same coin. Very well done.

It's a very clever ending, as Yarka's misinterpretation of the prophecy proves to ben that he should take note of them just in case.. At the same time, by having the prophecy still actually come true, the writers affirm that religion and Bajoran beliefs still remain characteristic of the series. They also prove that it's quite possible to do a story that isn't derivative. Kudos to this rather cerebral outing... Compare this treatment to the way religion is presented in TNG: "Devil's Due" and the differences are shocking.

And now I open whole crate of cans of worms it's also the problem with the show in that Bajorans' religion has more creadance than any real world religion in the show. I mean I mean if you have "real" time traveling aliens as Prophets who the cast chat with every once in a while. be defalt the "prophecy" may very well be true because the wormhole aliens can literally see into our future because they're unbounded by time. hell you could just stop on by and ask them...

Same as it makes sense to worship in the DC comics world as gods show up all the bloody time and that the verisimilitude of a deity is a key factor in determining the rationality of a religion in media as in the real world it's matter of faith but here its a matter of facts and It's interesting to compare this religion with the Dominion faith in the founders where they have build a cult around themselves.

For me the true message of this episode is not science vs. religion, but Kira's conflicting roles as faithful Bajoran and second officer on a station, which it does present very well.
Saying that, I respect this episode for being balanced, I like this one a lot.

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bOrgCast 8.8- Destiny and Prophet Motive 1 year 2 months ago #12948

"Prophet Motive" or "the Prophets like playing civilization" or 'My Dinner with Prophets'

So we get a drive-by divine intervention a Ferengi Grand Nagus turning away from Profit... and that's 'Inconcievable!'

was expecting to hate this but it's A lightweight Ferengi comedy that plays its hand with jokes that are far to obvious and quite often hokey. Highly uneventful, "Prophet Motive" further demonstrates its trivial nature with a subplot involving Dr. Bashir and his nomination for a prestigious medical award the lifetime achievement award by dax who is just fucking with him at this point. (I know The bashir subplot was intended as a rib by the writers regarding TNG being nominated for an emmy for best dramatic series that year. for season 7)
Warning: Spoiler! [ Click to expand ]
and for such a big award the ceremony to announce the winner didn't seem very elaborate.

I went to the recruiter awards for a couple of years (hey free good food and drink and I Get to put on the Tuxedo) and they were point less and elaborate as hell.

Nagus Zek has basically had the moral compass set to a new north by the meddling aliens
I like the idea that at first, Quark believes that the Nagus is doing this as some sort of master plan to harvest a killing of a profit.

Quark takes the Nagus back into the wormhole, hoping he can persuade the inhabitants to change Zek back. This standout scene somewhat redeems the episode, giving Quark some much more subtle—and more effective—one-liners. It's also nicely photographed and completely consistent with Sisko's encounter with the wormhole aliens in "Emissary," now over two years old. It's a refreshing change of pace, giving Quark a chance to take a stand for good old-fashioned galactic greed. His exaggeration on the repercussions of eliminating greed is hilarious. Quark represents the exact opposite of Starfleet ideals?and so he makes for an excellent comic foil in which to parody Trek. and the speeches of kirk and picard.

And I could not stop chuckling during the scene where Zek was being carried around in a sack, humming merrily the whole time.

So here's the thing Zek get an orb and in a 2nd rate cheap ship goes to see the Profits then quark does it makes you wonder how lazy the bajorans are... just remember that the Ancient Greeks believed their gods lived at the top of a completely scalable mountain but never bothered to go check
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