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TOPIC: 8.11- The Die Is Cast & Explorers

8.11- The Die Is Cast & Explorers 1 year 2 weeks ago #12962

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Plenty of time to feedback on this one thanks to our summer holidays meaning we're recording on Thur 25th August.
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8.11- The Die Is Cast & Explorers 1 year 1 day ago #12965

"The Die Is Cast" Or "tain you been out the game too long you got swaft"

"The Die Is Cast" lives up to part one, Where "Improbable" was nearly all drama, "Die" ends as a big, bold actioner.

These two both succeed, however, for the same primary reason—very meaty characterization.

This episode may sport some of the largest pyrotechnic battle sequences ever on a Trek series, but when it comes down to it, it's all about Garak and Odo, and their common sharing of loneliness. Here are two characters who live on a station in which they are the only ones of their kind, have no real emotional ties, and survive each day by just doing their jobs.

Garak's lornlyness pushes him back to Tain and Tain accepts Garak back, but continues to test his loyalty. One

conversation between these two reveals that Garak had quite a knack for extracting information—and I can't imagine that his methods of extracting information excluded torture. There's even a suggestion that Garak took "enthusiasm" in such exercises. That is hard to imagine. more the joy of a job well done and in reaching understanding. Given my job trying to get people to tell the truth I am thinking I can see the use of rope and cattle prods or device that stops people becoming indecisive goo and Tain has such a prototype device He suggests that Garak test it on Odo. Garak reluctantly agrees.

This torture scene is starkly intense. I would argue that it's even more effective than Picard's torture in "Chain of Command II," because we've come to know both these characters, and it is obvious that Garak doesn't take any pleasure in doing this to Odo. Odo, meanwhile, refuses to give in to this torture for some time, turning him into a peeling heap on the floor.

The interesting part is that Garak practically begs Odo to reveal anything—even a lie—just so he can end the torture. This shows Garak, who quite possibly took pleasure in interrogating prisoners in the past, as an effete agent at the mercy of his own sadistic responsibilities. Both Auberjonois and Robinson are riveting, bringing previously unseen dimensions to their characters. Odo finally reveals one thing: Contrary to what he has said in the past, despite trying to turn his back on them, he still has a desire to be with his own people.

One interesting plot twist is the writers' use of Lt. Commander Eddington, who sabotages the cloaking device and reveals that he reports directly to Toddman. He tells Sisko that without the cloak, the Defiant will have to return to the Alpha Quadrant. Sisko still refuses, sending O'Brien to repair the damage. Threatened with being confined to quarters, Eddington gives his word that he can be trusted—that his sabotage was a one-time occurrence at Toddman's explicit orders.In one of the best examples of a character's ghastly realization, Tain is absolutely dumbfounded when he discovers that the Founders have deserted their planet—and set a trap of some 150 Jem'Hadar fighters. The Jem'Hadar charge in with little on their minds but total annihilation.

Colonel Lovok, Tain's Romulan co-commander for the mission, I loved his panicked closeups when the Dominion attacks. The first time I saw this, years ago, I was just blindsided by the fact that he was a Founder, a Changeling spy who orchestrated the entire offensive in a plot to wipe out two of the four threats from the Alpha Quadrant—the Obsidian Order and the Tal Shiar. The other two are the Klingons and the Federation. round of drinks for the smart play from the Founders . founders 2 alpha quadrant 0 I mean with the Obsidian Order functionally gone because of the battle in 'The Die is Cast'...by blindfolding the two big bad intelligence agency’s it's a shame the federation does not have an evil super spy group that could help defend it.

A single, outstanding line Garak has manages to sum up his character completely: "Do you know what the sad part is Odo?... I'm a very good tailor."
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8.11- The Die Is Cast & Explorers 1 year 1 day ago #12966

"Explorers" or "the chill out show"

Some good character moments and a general dose of positive feelings characterize an appropriately timed, calm, light episode in the wake of the past two heavy duty outings.

That's what the ration part of my brain tells me but I hate this story

After reading some history, Sisko returns from Bajor with an impulse to build an ancient vessel. History states that 800

years ago ancient Bajorans built space vessels that operated on solar sails. According to legend, they were able to make the trip all the way to Cardassia. That's quite a feat at sub-warp speeds—a seemingly impossible feat, really. O'Brien doesn't even believe the design is space worthy.

Sisko decides to build one of these ships Using the original plans and tools for the design, he builds the ship in a cargo bay in his spare time. If you're willing to believe Sisko would have enough off-duty time to accomplish such an undertaking by himself over just a few weeks... It can't have been longer because it was finished when the Lexington arrived. If he had started and been seen doing this over the year then maybe I could buy it. I am not going to ask how a people who have to build mechanic handles to spread sails (so apparently no computers at all!) worked out anti-gravity.

the techncal issues are the least bug up my arse part of this.

But we Put Jake in the ship with his father for the trip, and "Explorers" becomes a unrealistic father/son story.

I have never met anyone that had this type of "magic" father son relationship

If it's so easy to make a replica ship, why hadn't any Bajoran explorers ever tried it in the 800 years since the original voyage? After all, the original trip to Cardassia is a major part of their folklore. If they had tried, they would surely also have found the unexpected tachion wind that propelled Sisko's ship to success.One again the Bajorans are the laziest race in the universe.

What initially appears to be a mission failure as the sail ship unexpectedly and unexplainably accelerates to warp speed —presumably light-years off course—turns out to be a successful cruise into the Cardassian system due to technobabble convenience.

The B-story, Leeta shows up yay

The c-story Bashir and O'Brien decide to get drunk. after this I am going to join them.
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