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GeekPlanetOnline's new Community Co-ordinator explains that it's not the platform that's the problem; Twitter's miniature painting community is actually really awesome. 

The best thing about being a miniature model painter is that it doesn't matter where I am in the world, I can always find a little shop or a club somewhere where I can go and chat to other people about The Hobby. My biggest regret is that I'm very much a social painter, and it is also about as solitary a hobby as you'll get.

In order to socially paint, I used to have to grab all my painty tools and equipment together and haul it all into work so I could go sit in the LFGS after work for a painty meet-up, or meet up at mates’ places for backyard projects, or in pubs with understanding staff... now I can just put down my brush and pick up my phone, and I'm there.

I can't remember how I stumbled upon the #warmongers hashtag, but I am so very glad I did. It is a kind and supportive Twitter community where constructive feedback is sought and given, where support and encouragement is part of the status-quo; where there are painters from diverse demographics and backgrounds coming together to share the thing they love: building and painting little plastic (or metal, resin or wooden) wargaming models.

Mondays are now my favourite day of the week, as everyone posts pictures of what they have been painting over the weekend up as part of #MiniatureMonday (#WIPWednesday, #TerrainThursday and #ForgeworldFriday also pop up from time to time). All of a sudden, my phone is full of a gallery of pretty painty of all sorts of models by painters of all sorts of abilities and experiences. And painters are happily sharing their processes and paint recipes, posting pics of awesome products they've found and are trying out. And everyone is benefitting.

I think that this post best sums up what I love about being a #Warmongers painter:



Here we have a good cross-section of the community; people who are industry professionals through to hobbyists just starting out, showing off the favourite model they have painted. But it's the reasons people are giving that have really got me proud of my Twitter community; learning any new skill is a journey, and it's nice to see evidence that even award-winning painters are travelling along the same long road that we are all on.

So please... don't write off Twitter as a teeming drama-filled pit of hatred. It's not the platform; it's the people.


If you're interested in watching Sim paint miniatures you can catch her streaming on her new YouTube channel!